ONES TO WATCH: Tha Landlord

By 25/01/2018 15,185 Comments

Tha Landlord, a Las Vegas native has been making strides in the US entertainment capital’s growing Hip Hop scene for a while now and his name has just reached us here overseas. Landlord, who is signed to Floyd Mayweather Jr’s label “Philthy Rich Records” mentions the story of running into the retired and undefeated boxing champion on his website

“During a chance meeting with boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. at Jay Z’s 40/40 Club in 2011, the dice rolled in his favor once again. “We were leaving out of there on our way to valet,” he recalls. “Floyd was behind us was rapping one of my songs I dropped probably 9 months before then. I had never met Floyd a day in my life. I walked over to him like, ‘what’s up.’ We started chopping it up.” The encounter led to the braided bar-layer joining the champ’s Philthy Rich Records the same year”. – (www.thalandlord.com).

Now actively putting out content, we must add Landlord to the list of artists to watch ESPECIALLY if you like hearing proper bars in your rap.


Alone in Vegas – Tha Landlord ft. Starlito:


Follow Landlord on Soundcloud here:


Instagram: @Landlord702